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Access Your Intuitive Power

Aligning body and mind through conscious breathing & meditation 

Our modern world is becoming increasingly demanding on both our bodies and minds. As a result, we have lost the connection to ourselves and with it our ability to create emotional & mental balance. By accessing deeper states of consciousness through intentional breathing and meditation, we get to reconnect to our innate power.

I help women be in control of their emotions and eliminate stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

Breathing for Balance
Every part, system, and function of your body is directly linked to the way you breathe. That means when you change your breathing pattern you immediately affect your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
As this process happens unconsciously, the key to health is to breathe purposefully. If you desire to have more focus, lower stress and anxiety, access more energy, the breath is a powerful tool.
Focus to Flourish
Meditation is a tool that helps us become more mindful and present. Through the practice, we learn to access different states of the mind where we can learn to control our focus and create inner peace. 
When we enter altered states of consciousness, we become more aware of our internal landscape - our own dialogue, our limiting thoughts, our belief system. We simply learn to no longer hold on to our thoughts and let them come and go, without judgment and identification. This helps us to cultivate a healthy sense of perspective and with it the ability to respond powerfully to our environment. The practice of meditation changes our energy levels which improve our immunity and sleep.


All programs are designed to reduce stress and help create emotional and mental balance. You will learn to reconnect with who you really are on a deeper level and access higher states of consciousness. This will improve mental clarity, performance as well as raise your energy so you can tap into your intuitive power.

1:1 Sessions

Accessing higher levels of creativity, boosting performance, and managing stress levels effectively despite a demanding work environment is the result of practicing conscious breathing and meditation consistently. Explore how synergetic group experiences can not only empower individuals but greatly strengthen engagement within high performing teams. 




Katharina K.

I was suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, and inner unrest. I felt like I've lost control over my mind and body. Eileen offered me a way to regain control over my spinning thoughts and to find moments of rest and relaxation. During the sessions with Eileen, I really could let go of all the stress and I felt so relieved and also strengthened. The sessions are all individually adjusted and Eileen creates a very calm and relaxing atmosphere with trust and respect. I highly recommend working with Eileen.


Shari S.

I struggled with my own fears of not being good enough or perfect and had feelings of guilt. During the session I could exactly feel which point in my body was blocked and the stress and heavy weight was gone. I’m a very creative person and got a lot of pleasure and motivation for new projects. Like a creative flow. I felt more confident in myself and work. I am proud of myself and more satisfied.


Anna R.

I was feeling overwhelmed by so many thoughts rushing through my mind, which sometimes would even cause feelings of anxiety. The healing session I did with Eileen was such an amazing experience, very loving, calming, and profound. I loved how she combines meditation and breathing and felt like the combination and especially her guiding was a completely new level of connecting with myself. I felt deeply relaxed and calm, but still fresh afterward and it brought me a lot of clarity into my thinking. Now I have a more focused mindset with way more trust in myself and the timing of life. Highly recommend!!




Eileen is an internationally certified breathing and meditation teacher, NLP coach as well as a healing facilitator. After successfully managing a NYC-based hospitality company, she began suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. This caused her to start her own wholistic healing journey. Witnessing the power of conscious breathing and meditating first-hand, Eileen made it her mission to guide others to heal themselves and create an emotional and mental balance.

Guided breathwork with Eileen as seen in...

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